Astrological Stars Signs

Your astrological star sign is controlled by the placing of the Sun in the sky at the season of your introduction to the world. Star signs, or sun signs, are partitioned into four distinct components. There are three earth signs, taurus, capricorn and virgo. Similarly the other components have three signs each. Aries, Leo and sagittarius are fire signs. pisces, cancer and scorpio are the three water signs. Lastly, libra, aquarius and gemini are the three air signs. Although other planets will also affect your personality and beneficial encounters, the Sun is the major astrological planet and it is this planet that oversees which star sign you inhabit.

Are you fire or water?

Star signs in the component of flame will deliver extremely vivacious, enthusiastic and exuberant individuals. The Lion, the Ram and the Centaur are all solid, decided beings and the signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius create individuals with great quality and courage. Any life challenge is certain to be met head on by flame signs. Water signs are administered by the component of water, and they deliver individuals with great emotional profundities. The Crab, the Scorpio and the Fish all react diversely to the encounters of adoration and hate, jealousy and affection however all the water signs will be profoundly affected by their emotional encounters.

Air and earth Books Books

The air zodiac signs are brilliant, imaginative individuals who tend to think first and act later. Their imagination is rich and varied, and they are always creating new fun activities. They can also be extremely smart and imaginative. Aquarians are gifted at all new innovation, Librans make brilliant scholars and artists and Gemini will deliver an individual who almost has two individuals cooperating in their heads, as they can see all sides of a subject. Earth signs are more pragmatic, practical and rational. Give Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo a task to do, and before you know it they will have worked out the best way to do it, the amount it will cost and whether it merits doing before you can even ask them for the answer. Earth signs can rapidly create practical answers for apparently incomprehensible situations.